Season Opener: The Nordmen Beat The Gators

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First game in the books with the Nordmen making the long trip home with a season opening win in Seinäjoki!

This is what we have all been waiting for!The Nordmen had their longest away game of the regular season in week 1. The Warriors of the Four Winds went Gator hunting and caught a big win for the ride back home. The team has had a lot of hype going into to the 2022 campaign after locking down Coach Jonathan Ashton to lead the way to another championship.

The Nordmen got the ball to start the game off, the offense fought through some growing pains in the start of the game. Offensively the Nordmen had 4 rookies on the starting lineup and QB Lucas Martinez making his debut. After a nervous start the Nordmen started to move the ball and Martinez found the speedy rookie wideout Olli Salmela for the first score of the season and his career first TD! Martinez’s got the ball to Alfonso Ikäheimo on the 2pt conversion to make it 8-0 for the away team. Moments later Martinez found Elias Id for the big play giving his first Nordmen TD. Through the game the offense fired up more and more every play. WR Salmela caught 2pt conversion, Aurélien Germay stopped by to score a TD on offense.

The Nordmen defense provided a dominant performance.They were firing on all cylinders from the get-go, giving up one score in the first quarter and shutting the Gators down completely after that. The defensive line provided relentless pressure which made it hard for the Gators to move the ball and forced them to make mistakes. Ryan Oliveira and the former Roosters junior Olli Raito made a splash with a pair of interceptions and stuffing up the middle of the field. DL Axl Isaksson made his presence felt all game and ended up blocking a punt near the Gators end zone giving the Nordmen 2 points for a safety.

QB Lucas Martinez played well in his debut throwing for over 200 yards, 3TDs(Salmela,Id,Germay) and 3INT. Martinez completed passes to 7 different receivers, spreading the ball nicely. In addition Aurélien Germay made his presence felt by scoring a TD and leading the team in tackles on his way to being named the game MVP for the Nordmen. Mentioned in the preview the Nordmen brought 14 rookies to the field and all of them got good playing time performing very well.The rookies looked fearless all game long, you might’ve even forgot that they are rookies they for sure did not look like it. DE Juhani Kivelä was flying off the line making tackles behind the line and giving hell to the opposing QB.

Here is what Coach Ashton had to say after the game: “The team performed well after a shaky start. The defence did unbelievable managing to stop them multiple times and create turnovers. The offence started to click in the second quarter and moved the ball well. Aurélien Germay was the standout player of the game, he was all over the field on defence and even scored a TD on offence. We have a lot to work on but this first game proved we are on the right track.”

The Nordmen will be on the road again next week to face the Northern Lights in Oulu for a battle of the north!

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