SAJL Women’s 2nd Division Expands to Five Teams

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With the late addition of the Lohja Lionesses and the Lahti Panthers, the women’s 2nd division will now include five teams for the 2019 season

What started as mumbles a few weeks ago within the SAJL has now become a reality. The 2nd division, originally slated to have only three teams, will now be expanded to five with the additions of the Lohja Lionesses and Lahti Panthers. Both the Lionesses and Panthers also confirmed this on their Instagram accounts.

A further twist in this development, is the merging of the Kouvola Indians with the Lahti Panthers for the 2019 season. The Indians played last season in the 2nd division, and will see a handful of players join the Panthers. Neither the Lionesses nor Panthers had the roster size sufficient enough to play in the 1st division; hence their decision to drop down to the 2nd division where 7-on-7 is played.

In addition to the Rovaniemi Nordwomen, the full lineup of teams for the SAJL Women’s 2nd Division will now include the Joensuu She-Wolves, Hyvinkää Falcons, Lohja Lionesses and the Lahti Panthers. An updated schedule has be added to the SAJL’s website, and the Rovaniemi Nordmen women’s schedule will be published to our website soon.

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