Nordmen sign Rafael Piñeda for 2020 season

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After leading the Rovaniemi Nordmen to championships in the SAJL’s 3rd Division in 2018 and 2nd Division in 2019, Piñeda will be keeping his talents in Lapland for the 2020 season.

On November 8th 2019, the Rovaniemi Nordmen signed player/head coach Rafael Piñeda for the 2020 season. Piñeda’s work ethic and knowledge of the game has helped to grow the talent and skill of the Nordmen; leading them to back-to-back undefeated seasons and two consecutive championships in their respective divisions. The Nordmen will be competing in the SAJL’s 1st Division in 2020 and Piñeda’s experience and pedigree will certainly prove to be of great benefit to Rovaniemi.

Player/Head Coach, Rafael Piñeda, poses with his new contract and Rautamalja.

Piñeda’s statment regarding his signing, shows his appreciation for the game, his players and the organization around him, saying, “I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my life and the opportunity to continue what I started 4 years ago. I’m looking forward to the new challenges that are awaiting in the 1st Division. It’s going to be one a huge mountain to climb, but I know we have what it takes to get there. If we keep believing in ourselves and the process and vision that I have for the organization, I know there are great things that lie ahead for us. Thank you to all the players for all the success we have had, as well as a special thanks to the Nordmen organization for believing in me.”

Player/head coach, Rafael Piñeda, and Rovaniemi Nordmen Vice Chairman, Robbie Patterson, made it official. Piñeda will be keeping his talents in Lapland for the 2020 season.

“We’re thrilled to be able to sign Ralf for the 2020 season. He’s been an integral part of our organization and we are confident that he will be able to continue the winning tradition that he has helped to establish here in Rovaniemi,” commented Nordmen Vice Chairman, Robbie Patterson, adding “he’s the kind of guy that wants to play to win, but he also has fun out there on the field. His ability to teach and coach has been priceless to our players and our board wanted to make sure that we showed our appreciation for his efforts.”

Next on the off-season schedule is the Nordmen’s Beginners/Crash Course, which is tentatively set to start on Sunday, November 24th. More information will follow on this in the coming days.

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