Game preview: Milky City Farmers VS Nordmen

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After a few bye weeks, The Nordmen are traveling to Kajaani for their last regular season away game.

The Nordmen had a few weeks off during midsummer. At the midpoint of the season, the Warriors of the Four Winds are looking better every week. They hold the number 2 spot in their group, and are looking forward to add another win in their column this weekend.

What to expect from the Farmers

The Milky City Farmers have had a tough start this season. Recording 0-2 so far with a tight game against the Gators and a big loss to the Northern Lights last weekend. The Farmers definitely need to rev up the engines to be a playoff contender. The Farmers need to have a near-perfect game to beat the Nordmen, but the task is not impossible especially at home.

The Farmers roster is one of the smallest in Group A, so lacking depth might cost them. This doesn’t mean that they will not put up a fight. The Farmers starting squads on both sides of the ball know what to do. There is not much to say about the team, not really any big names to follow. The Farmers are a steady group all around.

What to expect from the Nordmen

At this point of the season, there should not be any growing pains. Are they gone after the break? We will find out on Saturday. We have been talking about the struggles of the offensive line all season. The line made a big step up at home before the break, will they be able to keep it up? Yes, the line has made big improvements in the past weeks and will look to pull out all the stops to protect their QB and smash through the middle. Otherwise, offensively there have been some struggles every game, but finally getting the run game to work will definitely ease up the load.

The offensive skill guys are still the same steady group looking to blow up. With the leadership of veteran WR Alfonso Ikäheimo and rookie WR/RB Miika Virkki, the Nordmen offense is a tough group to cover. Virkki showed great talent in his home debut at running back and scoring his first career touchdown carrying the ball from the backfield. Yes, we have been used to seeing him at slot receiver, but he definitely showed everyone that he is a headache to all defenses, wherever he lines up. Look For QB Lucas Martinez to spread the ball around all over the field, as Martinez has had his good and bad moments like the rest of the offense. He is clicking on all cylinders now and with his targets, so it will be a tough mountain to climb for the Farmers defense.

Defensively the Nordmen is well…you already know at this point, a monster unit. This defense has played outstandingly every single game. There is no doubt that the defense won’t skip a beat. First time this season the defensive unit needs to adapt with a few key players not making the trip, but the Nordmen defense have depth, look for a few new names to swing it out of the park! With the lead of arguably one of the best defenders in the entire league, DB Aurelien Germay, the defense will yet again be a brick wall. Also with good news! The defense is getting back from injury DE Adrian Rodriguez and for the first time this season DB David ” The Austrian Hammer” Kreuzhuber is ready to bring down the hammer on the Farmers offense.

The Nordmen are traveling for the last time in the regular season. Look forward for the defense to dominate all out, and the offense showing what they can really do.

Important Info

Kick-off is at 4pm, Saturday 9th of July at Vimpelinkenttä.

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