Breaking news: Semi-final cancelled; Wolverines forfeit

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The Helsinki Wolverines have forfeited their semi-final match-up against the Rovaniemi Nordmen.

The Rovaniemi Nordmen were informed on August 29th, 2019 at 11:20am by the Helsinki Wolverines that their Blue team would be forfeiting their game against the Nordmen, scheduled for 5pm/17.00 on Sunday, September 1st in Rovaniemi. The Wolverines also communicated this with the SAJL, and as a result, the Rovaniemi Nordmen have advanced to the 2nd Division Championship game, which will be played in Rovaniemi.

Prior to the quarterfinal round, representatives from the Wolverines contacted the Nordmen about the possibility of moving the game to Saturday, August 31st. At that time, Rovaniemi was able to only have referees for the game if it was to be played on Sunday, September 1st; making a Saturday game not possible. Helsinki stated that they would try to bring two referees with them to make a Saturday game possible. After their women’s team advanced, they notified the Nordmen that if they beat Jyväskylä that they would bring two referees. This was dependent on them winning their quarterfinal match; and was not guaranteed. Because of this, the Nordmen did not make the effort to move the game, as too many variables were undecided.

After their quarterfinal win, the Wolverines asked again if the Nordmen would be able to move the game to Saturday. The Nordmen asked for referees from Oulu and could have had them there for a Saturday game, but our players had already made plans and arranged their work and school schedules to accommodate the Sunday game.

According to the SAJL’s bylaws, the hosting team must notify the visiting team(s) of the game date and time with a minimum of 7 days notice. The Nordmen secured the field date and time and notified the Wolverines on August 20th, 2019 – five days prior to when the Nordmen were required to. On August 26th, the Wolverines notified the Nordmen that they would be appealing the decision to the SAJL, hoping to force the Nordmen to move the game to Saturday. On August 28th at 4:57am, the Nordmen received confirmation from the SAJL that Helsinki’s appeal had been denied and that the previously set game time and date would remain as scheduled, because Rovaniemi followed protocol; according to the SAJL’s laws.

For further comments, please contact Team President, Jani Turunen via email.

The Rovaniemi Nordmen would like to wish the best of luck to the Helsinki Wolverines Women’s team as the play for the Finnish Championship and to the entire Helsinki Wolverines organization.

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