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Nordmen Safety, David Kreuzhuber

The sands of time have seemed to stop for Nordmen safety David Kreuzhuber who continues to play and perform at a superior level, even as he turns 40 today.

When you think about the ideal safety, you envision a player that can play the pass and the rush. A hard hitter that can force a fumble at a crucial point in the game. A defensive standout that can both cover speedy wide-outs and be the ball-hawking, interception-machine that can change the momentum of a game in an instant. For the Nordmen, that man has been David Kreuzhuber; a consistent, intelligent and instinctive safety with all the tools of the trade.

Given his ability and level of performance, it may shock you to know that David suits up and plays against many men that could very well be young enough to be his kids. We had a chance to sit down and talk with this ageless wonder as he enters the 2019 season, ready to continue on the success that he has built playing for the Warriors of the Four Winds.

David, where are you originally from and how long ago did you move to Finland?

My home country is Austria. I moved from Salzburg to Levi four years ago. I moved here after first visiting Lapland on a holiday trip, during which I met my wife.

When did you start playing American Football? What made you give it a try?

I started playing football quite late, at the age of 23. I was looking for a new challenge after 15 years of athletics, during which I was the Austrian national champion in pole vaulting a few times. I decided to visit a practice of the Salzburg Bulls, which were playing in the 1st Division (second highest league in Austria). One week later, I was playing my first game as a starting cornerback.

What positions have you played and for which teams have you played for?

My entire football career has been on the defensive side of the ball. First at CB, then safety and in my last season in Austria as an OLB. After playing 11 years in Salzburg in both the AFL and Division 1, I retired for the first time from playing football and moved to Finland. I realized that playing football was still fun, so I joined the Nordmen.

What do you like the most about playing football? What have you learned about yourself throughout your playing career?

What I like the most about playing football is being part of a team, which was completely new for me after my long time in athletics, the intensity of the game and of course hitting offensive players! I learned to control my emotions better. You have to do this or you will be lost on the field and unable to do your job, ultimately weakening the team.

What is your favorite memory on the football field?

My favorite memory on the field was when I forced a game-winning fumble against a national team RB in the red zone, then recovered the fumble and carried it back for a TD. That was quite nice.

You’re 40 years old today. How have you kept yourself in such great shape so that you can play at a consistently high level when most other players have to call it quits years before you?

I think my “secret” is experience. I’m able to read the plays quite fast, so I know and feel what my body needs to do in that situation. My mind and body know what they need and what they don’t need to make the plays I need to on the field. I have a very solid base and level of physical fitness from my time competing in athletics, in combination with my educational background where I have a Masters in Sports Science.

What are your hopes for the 2019 season?

My hope for the 2019 season is to continue where the 2018 season ended as we fight to bring home the Iron Bowl.

What kind of hobbies or leisure activities do you enjoy outside of playing football?

My favorite relaxation activities are fishing in the summer time and driving snowmobiles in the winter.

Thank you, David! We are looking forward to another excellent year for you!

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